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Being an organizer is...
cool and fun

Six reasons to become an organizer

New discoveries
To be an organizer means not only to create frantic tasks, though it does matter. We also teach the basics of social media marketing, negotiating, and press relations
An organizer is quite well-known in the city. This person is a leader and host of breathtaking events
Intriguing connections
The game engages polar-opposite people: business persons, students, journalists, car repair shop owners, programmers, and dance teachers
Enable your imagination to the full. Here's where you can realize all of your ideas.
The key thing is the same: the players need to love the challenges
We cannot promise millions and tons of gold. But we are convinced every good business must be generously compensated
No fixed hours
We are sure a dependable person can plan their day efficiently. Not least because it doesn't matter when to create riddles — in the morning or evening.

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